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​​How it's Done...................

These old wooden paddles are well worn and weathered by the sun and waters of British Columbia. They are sometimes found abandoned....in a shed at the cabin......or waiting to be rescued at a garage sale.

I start by giving the paddles and oars a light sanding before painting them, leaving the handles natural to expose the beautiful silvered wood. An original design is then painted on the blade of the paddle. When completed they are coated with a clear acrylic finish,

this protects as well as making them easy to wipe down when needed.

Painted Paddles

"Spawning Sockeye"  Cathy Davis copyright 2013

Fish Paddles........

"White Sturgeon"


"Snake River Cutthroat"


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Hunter Creek Studio

"Spawning Sockeye"


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"White Sturgeon"

        Close up  

Pictured above:

Close-up of fishing fly  painted on throat of paddle.

​​Up the Creek?............Not without a Paddle.

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Wildlife Paddles.......