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Cedar Board

Painted  Paddles 

B.C Fish and Wildlife......on canvas and wood.

Original Acrylic Paintings

B.C. Nature Artist Cathy Davis

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"I am so fortunate to live in B.C. Canada. There is a rugged gentleness here that is the true Spirit of British Columbia. It is that Spirit that I try to capture in my paintings.The abundance of fish and wildlife is a never ending source of inspiration to me. There are pristine lakes and rivers to fish, back roads that wind for miles through mountains and acres of beautiful coastline. This is a province like no other. My wish is for our forests to continue to flourish and for our waters to always be healthy enough to sustain life."

                                                 Cathy Davis

Painted Pets 

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Reclaimed and Rustic.............

                                                        Hand painted B.C. Wildlife on reclaimed wood or cedar boards                                                                                                                 .......Designed to hang above a doorway.